Thursday, October 10, 2013

1915 officially completed... currently on Verdun & The Somme

It has been a while but I have finally completed my 1915 chapter.  The past two weeks have been spent on additional research for the current chapter (6) on Verdun/The Somme .  The overwhelming majority of sources for this chapter are primary source/unpublished material from the special collections department Ferko/Williams collections at UT-Dallas.. which means extra time for translation.  I am currently still in the process of writing rough draft/outlines to get the best flow to the text I can get but I should have it completed in the next week or two with the next chapter solely dealing with the "GRAND REORGANIZATION OF 1916".. which was the creation of the Jasta's.. renaming of the FFA and AFA.. creation of protection squadrons.. all units separately under the command of a commanding General (von Hoeppner)  A sample of text from Verdun section will be included soon. Any requests for more lengthy samples will be gladly given.. simply message me

Speaking of Verdun I would like to simply state that I am a HUUUGE FAN of JOHN MOSIER and ALL of his WW1 books.  "The Myth Of the Great War" was really the first book to get me interested in the grand strategic history of the war and the "ground war".. I had previously only been interested in the air war, but his book helped open my eyes to the fact that the air war was not fought just for the sake of fighting it.. instead it was a tool to the overall strategic plans on both sides to win the war. That is why I am writing the book I am now.. there simply is no book on the air war that covers the air war in direct relation to what is going on on the ground... most books cover a person, a unit, an aircraft and is written "in a vacuum" with no reference to how aviation affected the overall progress of the war.  JOHN MOSIER has recently released (Oct 1 2013) a book on Verdun that is simply the best book on Verdun I have read.  It is certainly worth a read and I highly recommend it to anyone that is interested in the true history of the great war and not the Franco-British propaganda history of the war. 

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