Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Update will be a PFALZ D.III an example from PART 4 of the book (aircraft)

One of the 100+ Aircraft profiles of the book will be uploaded in full on this blog once the art director has completed the layout of the pages.. It will be the famous and mass produced PFALZ D III and Pfalz D IIIA

The aircraft was produced and delivered in large quantities in summer of 1917 and over 1,000 were eventually built. The fighter was slow by 1918 standards yet it was so successful and durable there were still over 150 in front line service on NOVEMBER 11 1918!

The UNQUESTIONED best diver and therefore balloon buster of the war, the Pfalz was a very serviceable and productive fighter for Germany.  Several examples were also given to the Ottoman Empire, Bulgaria, and Austria-Hungary.

As with all aircraft profiles in GREAT WAR'S FINEST the soon to be uploaded profile of the Pfalz will have:
-Complete statistics, measurements & production numbers
-The text will be in 2 parts:
      -Design and production history
      -Operational History
-Between 5-10 photos
-Lists of famous aces and number of kills achieved within the aircraft
-Table showing each Jasta and how many Pfalz D III delivered
-Factory Statistics
-Two facing pages with 8 different color side views of the aircraft from various Jastas showing different paint schemes (Beneath each drawing there will be: Jasta #, Jasta's airfield, date in operation, pilot {if known})

please stay tuned for the upload which should be up within 48 hours


-Matt Bowden-